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Tantra Massage- NO SEX!

Highly energizing massage opens chakras and inner channel, through which energy flows. It contains intimate plus point, through which sexual energy gets built up.

The work should not be confused with prostitution or sexual program. It is a common mistake for people to believe that the simple fact of seeing the penis or the vagina massaged, possesses work a labeling pornographic or sexual.

The energy to skin flower. Awaken your senses in a ritual of body awareness.
The Bliss experience, you will be introduced (a) in the art of tantric touch. The Tantric when applying massage leads some customer touches, which happens more interaction between client-therapist. An experience of profound transformation of their quality of play. It is not a course of massage, but allows the client to play in a short time the quality of the touch of tantric massage in your relationships and your personal life.

Tantra BLISS
This experience you will be introduced (a) in the art of tantric touch. A ritual of body awareness, where you are taken (a) to a journey of awakening of the senses, extending all its sensory potential, receiving the end tantric massage.

The Tantric massage as therapy often brings numerous benefits, among them:
Orgasm is still considered a feminine mystery, several women or men do not know what he is actually in fact or even how to get there. One way, without sex, is through tantric massage. The practice came from Tantrism or Tantra, teaching that originated in India and received the influence of various religions, cultures and philosophies, something quite wide whose priority is to develop self-knowledge.


The ritualistic tantric massage is practiced in full nudity and è not neglected any intimate the customer. Not è prohibited ejaculation in case of strong stimulus, but everything should be in natural form without forçatura. If you have a minimum 10 years Experiença con di Hatha Yoga can do and retention of seminal fluid, otherwise ejaculation is not prohibited. If you are shy put a fig leaf on its heritage to keep secret!


The healing of sexual dysfunctions (premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of libido)
Enhances the physiology of the Lingam, modifying their sensory structure and energy, enabling a significant extension of its functions to release pleasure, energy and orgasms;
Significantly increases the time of erection;


HEALTH: For reasons of hygiene and health, are not available to practice Tantra massage ritual with people suffering from infectious diseases or skin also not contagious (acne, psoriasis, rashes, open wounds, dark spots on the skin, fungus etc), because it provides a prolonged physical contact.


Please also indicate if you have had recent surgery or if you suffer from heart problems, recent heart attack, prostate surgery, fractures, or if you are following some special care. If you decide to get tantra best to consult your doctor first to make an appointment. As for the more serious disorders such as: social schizophrenia, paranoia, epilepsy, neurological care, absolutely not practical massage ritualistic Tantra!

In daily life too often take for granted some useful things for our health. We perform thousands of actions almost automatically, without realizing that these may affect, positively or negatively, on our well-being. One of these things that we tend to overlook in daily practice is the shower.

In case you have taken a shower before you leave the house, thank you for the respect shown but I will ask anyway to repeat it when you're here, with an antifungal product that you will find available.

The reason is that in any case out in the street your skin has collected dust and smog, and that some parts of the body are naturally predisposed to develop microorganisms even in the cleanest people and attentive.

The shower is of course available to you even before you go away.


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