My name Hanashyan Kahshan


Spiritual Counseling

Certified Tantra Educator

Holistic Health Practitioner

Sacred Sex Educator

Certified Tantric Therapist

Licensed Massage Technician
My sacred intimacy practices are drawn from an ancient sciences known as Tantra & Tao, whose spiritual disciplines work directly with sensual energy. Enjoy the pleasure of discovery with a beautiful woman who understands intimacy secrets to heighten pleasure and unlock the feeling energies of the heart

Here, all things are sacred, all parts of ourselves are embraced to lead us back to the divine flame within, to reconnect us to the wholeness deep within our beings.In our fast paced, stressful world, rarely are we able to take time for ourselves, to be nurtured, nourished and reminded of our true essence, beyond time and space, beyond the limitations of the mind, beyond our personal agendas.

Namastè Estudio Holistico-Cabo Brio - Rio de Janeiro-Brazil